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First Day of Three Day Long Play ‘Jaal’ Enthrals Audience at Alhamra Arts Council


LAHORE– Lahore Arts Council Monday presented the first day of three-day-long play “Jaal” in collaboration with AKS Theatre in Alhamra Hall No 2 at the Alhamra Arts Centre The Mall. The play will continue today and tomorrow at 6:30pm.

The play “Jaal” has been directed by Afzaal Nabi and is an adopted story of world-famous playwright Agatha Christie’s famous novel” “And Then There Were None”. The story of “Jaal” is basically a murder mystery in which ten people are invited to an island for the weekend.

Although they all harbour a secret, they remain unsuspecting until they begin to die, one by one, until eventually, there are none.

Panic ensues when the diminishing group realizes that one of their own numbers is the killer. Afzal Nabi’s “Jaal” was a the perfect combination of thrill and detective story.

The play was a great treat for the theatre lovers. In the play, Sarfraz Ansari, Zohaib Haider, Zaheer Taj, Zoya Qazi, Aisha Shahkeel, Hassan Raza, Gulshan Majid, Sultan, Aman Chaudhry, Azeem Noor and Imran Armani showcased their talent to the audience which was met with immense applause.

Jaal play

Executive Director Alhamra Athar Ali Khan congratulated all performers for their extraordinary participation and hard work at the play.

He said it was important to provide similar positive opportunities to the youth to showcase their talent and Alhamra will continue this effort.

He further said that Alhamra arrange such dramas and events on a regular basis for the sake of entertainment for its people. Play “Jaal” is another wonderful effort by the Lahore Arts Council for the promotion and revival of golden period of theatre, he added.— PRESS RELEASE