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Fire at Famous Hafeez Centre Lahore Burns Down Dozens Shops at 4th Floor

-- Cell phone, laptop and computer traders suffer heavy losses


By Our Web Desk

LAHORE– Dozens of shops feared to be burned and accessories worth millions gutted after a huge fire broke out at Lahore’s famous Hafeez Centre on main boulevard Gulberg on Sunday morning.

An electrical short circuit, spreading to the fourth floor of the building, is said to be the cause of blaze. 

According to details from rescue officials, the fire broke out in a shop on the second floor of the plaza — Hafeez Centre, where laptops, mobile phones and other electronic items are sold — and spread to the fourth floor. The fire brigade was called soon after the fire broke out around 6am in the morning.

So far, no loss of life has been reported but it is being said that electronic items worth millions have been destroyed by the flames.

According to a rescue official, the fire has engulfed 30-40 shops in total and has spread to the shopping centre’s backside as well. “The intensity of the fire has increased due to [the burning of] laptops and mobile phones,” he said.

Shopkeepers scramble to save electronic items from fire

As rescue officials and firefighters struggled to douse the flames, several shopkeepers attempted to save their costly electronic items by carrying them away from the plaza.

The shopkeepers can be seen in the background, scrambling to pick up large cardboard items — packed with electronic items — and carrying them out from the ground floor of the plaza.

Fear and panic spread among traders of the fire spreading to the ground floor of the building as well.

Smoke and flames rise from the Hafeez Centre shopping plaza in Lahore that caught fire today. Photo: Geo News screengrab

The Gulberg Main Boulevard Road has been closed for traffic due to relief activities being carried out in the area.

Despite the blazing inferno, some shopkeepers attempted to pull out their merchandise from the shops. Others wept as they saw the electronic items being reduced to ash in front of their own eyes.

Twelve fire brigades and 60 rescue officials are carrying our relief activities in the area. Reports from the ground state that eight fire brigades have run out of water.

Authorities have called for more fire brigades at the spot due to the intensity of the fire.

People on the fourth floor of the plaza had run to the rooftop and were rescued from there, officials added.

“I am trying to save my belongings from the blaze. I am busy right now”, said Waseem Arshad, a trader.