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Every Brain Tumor Not Threatening As Its Modern Treatment Begins At PINS

Latest MRI machine worth Rs250 million is working for brain treatment; only 28 neuro professors working for 220 million population are not sufficient, says Neuro Surgeon Prof Dr Khalid Mahmood


LAHORE– Head of Punjab Institute of Neuro Sciences and renowned Neuro Surgeon Prof Dr Khalid Mahmood has said the development of medical science and modern technology have made it possible to provide brain treatment to the patients without opening of head which not only lesser pain and problem for the patient but also minimize the time for treatment.

Speaking on the occasion of World Brain Tumor Day, Dr Khalid Mahmood said luckily modern treatment for the brain patients has already started at PINS where latest MRI machine worth Rs250 million i working to provide best medical facilities to the patients which is the one of its own kind in any public sector hospital in Pakistan.

He said citizens should adopt simple style of living, exercise, proper sleep and avoid mental pressure to save themselves from brain diseases.

He added that every tumor is not dangerous and most of them are curable or can be reduced to such extent which is not threat to the life.

Prof. Khalid Mahmood told that in all the main hospitals of the Punjab, treatment for brain tumors is available and facilities of neuro surgery are provided without any discrimination however number of neurosurgeons is not up to the mark and only 28 professors and 300 neurosurgeons are working in public sector hospitals of the country who not sufficient for the 22 crore population at all.

He also asserted to create awareness among masses as they should know that continuous headache and spells of vomiting are the main symptoms for which people should immediately contact proper doctors for treatment.

Mahmood told that this disease of brain tumor has equal threat to the female and male community however the children having radiation are more in danger zone in this regard.

He also indicated that Punjab Institute of Neuro Sciences has great significance for treatment of brain problems especially tumors where with the expenditure of heavy amount patients are provided treatment.

Prof Khalid Mahmood also appreciated the holding of World Brain Tumor Day which helps a lot in creating awareness and fixing the responsibilities in this regard.— PRESS RELEASE