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150 British Companies Are Operating In Pakistan, Deputy High Commissioner Mike Nithariankis


By Our Web Reporter

KARACHI–Deputy High Commissioner to the United Kingdom Mike Nithariankis has said that young people who want to join the civil service should broaden their horizons so that they can better serve their country and nation bypassing the CSS exam. Yes, civil service is a great profession, if the commitment is right, a lot of success can be achieved, but failure should not be disappointed, with constant effort and dedication, the goal can be achieved, students are challenged because of Corona, civil Service introduced by UK, Karachi is a major Islamic city and business hub, 150 British companies are operating in Pakistan, Pakistan and UK are cooperating in various fields, he said at CSS Corner in Frere Hall.

Addressing the participants, Additional Commissioner Karachi Waqas Roshan, Director General Parks Taha Saleem, Senior Director Culture and Sports Khursheed Shah, Sultana Siddiqui and KMC officials were also present on the occasion, said the British Deputy High Commissioner. This is the first time they have visited Frere Hall and the young people attending the course for them It is an honor to meet him, he said, adding that this historic building is the perfect choice for CSS Corner and he was impressed by the tastes of the students who came here and their dedication to their cause. There are many challenges for civil servants in Pakistan and they have a huge role to play in solving them. Karachi is a financial capital and business hub. The head offices of all the leading British companies are located in Karachi. As a result of better measures taken by the administration in Karachi, the situation here is much better than in other major cities of the world for which the officers of the administration are to be congratulated. He said that he has performed diplomatic duties in different countries of the world. However, he felt good to come to Pakistan. There is a lot of scope for expansion in the bilateral relations between Pakistan and the UK, for which every effort is being made, he told the participants of CSS Corner. Only then will you be able to perform better, have a good civil servant with professional skills and Must be a good liaison, at the same time respect his juniors and seniors and have the ability to learn from all situations, do his best to perform his duties impartially and sincerely, to others Only those who value and listen to them are capable of making the right decision. A situation like Covid-19 is a great test for a civil servant who must consider his work as a personal challenge rather than just a job. Impossible can be made possible through better strategy and correct approach, he said, adding that Pakistan has a special place in British foreign policy. In the past, there was a lack of communication due to security and other reasons, but now it is restored. And next year the England cricket team will visit Pakistan. They are also working to bring more British companies to Pakistan to increase bilateral trade. Later, the British Deputy High Commissioner apprised the youth participating in the CSS Corner. He also answered the questions and expressed happiness over the fact that n The desire to learn is very high among the youth and they are participating in this course with all their hard work and determination. Commissioner and Administrator Karachi Iftikhar Shalawani earlier welcomed the British Deputy High Commissioner on his arrival at CSS Corner. Giving details of preparation for CSS exam for, he said that CSS exam is the toughest exam in Pakistan, every year 10,000 youngsters participate in this exam of Central Superior Service and top merit. This exam is the gateway to join the bureaucracy in Pakistan. This facility has been provided free of cost to the local youth to prepare for the CSS exam so that they can base their skills. He said that English language proficiency is essential for the youngsters preparing for this exam for which special preparations are being made. He said that the historic building of Frere Hall has been completely restored to its original condition. Trying to do and also the library here for the general public At the end, Administrator Karachi Iftikhar Shalawani presented to the British Deputy High Commissioner on behalf of the Karachi Metropolitan Municipality the traditional shield and hat of Sindh. The British Deputy High Commissioner on this occasion inspected various parts of Frere Hall Also visited and appreciated the beauty of the historic building.