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Culture Minister Kastro Briefed Over Alhamra Art Council, Cultural Activities


LAHORE– Punjab Minister for Culture and Colonies Khayal Ahmed Kastro today visited Alhamra Art Council after assumption of his charge. Secretary Information and Culture Mr. Raja Jahangir Anwar welcomed him and presented a bouquet.

During his visit to Alhamra, Secretary Information and Culture Raja Jahangir Anwar also briefed him in detail regarding formation of culture side and all organisations.

The minister was also given a presentation regarding performance and role of the Punjab Arts Council, Lahore Museum, Pilac, BWP & Layalpur museums.

On this occasion, the worthy minister said that he would take systematic and concrete measure to strengthen the culture & creative sector as it contributes to the economy. He also expressed his appreciation to keep up traditions, heritage and preserve art and the artists.

Executive Director Lahore Arts Council, Saman Rai briefed the Minister about the details of Alhamra’s working. Rai further explained that council performed even in the most difficult circumstances like COVID 19 and conducted exhibitions, calligraphy workshops.

The minister appreciated the artists support fund by department and vowed to do more in this respect for welfare of artists,creation of more arts councils into future.

The meeting was attended by heads of Culture organisations including Mr. Naveed Anjum, Dr Sughra Sadaf, Zulfiqar Ali Zulfi, Ms riffat, Lahore Museum and other officers of Information & Culture Department.— HANDOUT