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Coronavirus Outbreak: PCJCCI Expresses Solidarity With People Of China


LAHORE– Pakistan China Joint Chamber of Commerce and Industry (PCJCCI) has expressed solidarity with the people of China in fighting against the dreadful coronavirus, affirmed Zarak Khan, President PCJCCI, in a press statement issued here Wednesday.

He applauded China’s efforts to cope with the crisis amicably.

Highlighting the brighter side of China in this miserable situation, he told that Chinese government had completed the world’s largest hospital with the total covered area of 25,000 square meter bearing 1000 beds just in 10 days only.

Further, he appreciated that Chinese doctors were also working to prepare vaccine for corona virus by gathering the country’s top microbiologists.He paid high tributes to China for being so determined and hard working in coping with the calamities caused by this miserable disease.

Mr. Zarak Khan said, “when H1N1 virus broke out in the US in 2009 no one called it “America Virus, then why when this novel corona virus broke out in China we are calling it “China Virus”.

He urged the people of Pakistan to stand by the Chinese people at this hour of need.  He said this is the time to reciprocate the love and support to China, which we had been receiving from China in all odd times faced by us in the past.

Zarak Khan informed that Corona Virus was initially found in the famous city of China “Wuhan” which is known as the “Transport Hub” of China. The virus further forced China to close 14 economic hubs which has adversely destroyed the economy of China through the loss of 60 million dollars, he said adding that Companies like iPhone, Disney and Tesla had closed their offices in China.

But, the President PCJCCI said that the Chinese Nation is very strong and energetic. He was confident that China would soon overcome the crisis and revive economic losses within a short span of time.

He further informed that a virus similar to Corona Virus, the Great Plague was spread in England between 1665 and 1666, which led to the deaths of 75,000 to 100,000 people. Similarly, in 1493, Christopher Columbus and his men, who embarked on the Second Colombian Expedition from America to the New World were suffering from the virus of Influenza and through them it spread among the people of Spain killing more than 5 million people.

Therefore, the President PCJCCI urged the world’s community not to blame China for the prevailing clamity of Corona Virus. It should be coped as a common problem of the world, instead of maligning the Chinese Nation.

Meanwhile, Mr. Moazzam Ghurki, Senior Vice President and Mr. Salahuddin Hanif, Secretary General of PCJCCI have also expressed the equal concern over the Crisis to be faced by China due to Corona Virus. They have pledged to start a fund-raising scheme to provide medical aid for the victims of Corona virus.— PRESS RELEASE