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Coca-Cola Collaborates With WWF To Set Up 4 More Water Filtration Plants Under “PAANI” Initiative


LAHORE– Coca-Cola International (CCI) Pakistan has collaborated with WWF Pakistan to set up safe drinking water filtration plants across the country under project name “PAANI”.

Under this initiative, 24 water filtration plants have already been installed between 2013-2018 which continue to serve safe drinking water to approx. 750,000 underprivileged people.

Keeping in view the success of “PAANI” project, Mr.  Ahmet Kursad Ertin, General Manager CCI-Pakistan, and Mr. Hammad Naqvi Khan, Director General WWF-Pakistan, have signed an agreement to install four more water filtration plants in 2019 across Pakistan.

CCI Pakistan is a subsidiary of CCI- a multi-national beverage company operating in Turkey, Pakistan, Kazakhstan, Azerbaijan, Kyrgyzstan, Turkmenistan, Jordan, Iraq, Syria and Tajikistan.

CCI is a key bottler company in the Coca-Cola system which produces, sells and distributes the Coca-Cola Company beverages.

Water is a fundamental resource for the existence and survival of all life forms. UNICEF reports stunted growth in 38 percent of the children under five years in Pakistan. Stunting doesn’t only affect physical growth but also impacts the cognitive and mental development of children.— PRESS RELEASE