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CM Buzdar, Governor Sarwar Visit Harappa, Announce Rs2bn Development Package


HARAPPA– Chief Minister Punjab Sardar Usman Buzdar and Governor Ch. Muhammad Sarwar visited Harappa today. 

The CM announced a 2 billion rupees development package for Harappa while addressing local notables. Half of the amount will be used for roads repair while 50 crore rupees will be used for water supply and sewerage improvement.

Similarly, 50 crore rupees will be spent on construction of overhead bridge/underpass at railway phatak, he said. The CM further announced to develop 2000 villages, including that of Sahiwal, as model villages adding that Sahiwal teaching hospital will be made functional soon. Cardiology institute will be constructed in Sahiwal and expressway will be constructed for Sahiwal from Samundri Interchange to facilitate different districts, he announced.

The CM affirmed that a programme has been devised to give universal health coverage to every citizen adding that Sahiwal and DG khan division are included in the first phase as PM Imran Khan will soon launch this programme in Sahiwal. Similarly, the wastewater treatment plant will be inaugurated in Sahiwal soon, he held. 10000 policemen were being recruited along with the provision of 650 new vehicles, he said.

The CM emphasized that the government has no problem or threat from the opposition and advised it to shun doing anything against national interest. We will continue moving forward side by side as I and Ch. Sarwar is striving to improve Punjab under PM Imran Khan, he said. After recovery, I visited Sahiwal and Harappa, he added. An 18 billion rupees development package has been announced for Sahiwal through Punjab intermediate cities improvement investment programme and development work will be done. No area will be deprived of the fruits of development as development is the right of every citizen which will be given to every city, he added.

Governor Ch. Sarwar in his address stated that the government wants to introduce a judicious system of justice and development on the pattern of the city-state of Madina. He thanked the CM for construction of Harappa road and vowed to develop Harappa. The development journey will be continued while the opposition may act according to its sweet will, he added. PTI will not allow anybody to interrupt the journey of development and public problems will be solved in collaboration with CM Usman Buzdar, he said. Advisor Asif Mahmood said that tourists van project will be started soon and the family site will be developed as well. Former MNA Rai Hassan Nawaz thanked the CM for taking interest in the development of Harappa and Chichawatni.

Earlier, CM Usman Buzdar and Governor Ch. Sarwar was giving a briefing about Harappa Museum in which they were told that 5000 antiquities, out of 25000 items, have been put on display. Both also visited different sections of the museum. The CM asserted that the protection of Harappa antiquities will be ensured and a new exhibition gallery will be constructed along with the completion of the ongoing auditorium project which will be completed with the cost of 5.25 crore. The government will protect the historical heritage as Rs 1 billion worth local government funds will be provided for Harappa and NA-148, he added.

Governor Ch. Sarwar assured to take every step for the promotion of tourism along with a solution of local problems on a priority basis.

The CM took a round of THQ hospital during Chichawatni visit to take stock of the situation. He gave his mobile number to a child patient for contact in case of any difficulty. He announced to upgrade the hospital with the cost of 30.5 crore rupees to provide a trauma centre along with up-gradation of emergency services and provision of allied faculties.

The CM Usman Buzdar announced a 2 billion worth development package for Chichawatni while addressing a gathering of notables at the residence of PTI leader Rai Hassan Nawaz. Local government schemes will be completed with the cost of 41 crores, 15 crore rupees will be spent on the expansion of rural roads and 10 crore rupees will be spent on community development programmes, he announced. A total of 17 development projects will be completed, he added. Tehsil sports complex will be established with a cost of 3.40 crore and sports ground will be established on 4 acres of state land with a cost of 2.20 crore rupees, he said. 5 crore rupees are earmarked for a wildlife park and Kotla Adeeb Shaheed road will be completed with a cost of 3.5 crore rupees. An amount of 18.49 crore rupees is earmarked for repair of Chichawatni roads and 10 solid roads’ construction projects will be completed with a cost of 18.84 crore rupees, he added. He also announced to start BS classes in boys and girls colleges of Chichawatni and further announced to review the establishment of a university in Chichawatni.

The CM also announced to construct a road for 90-morr bypass adding that Sahiwal and Chichawatni will be linked with motorway and it is also planned to link Chichawatni with Layyah through motorway and then Taunsa through Indus Highway. We have a relation of love and affection with the people of Sahiwal and Chichawatni and this relation will be strengthened with every passing day, he continued.

The CM said the development plan has been devised for 36 districts and regretted that the development process was limited to some districts in the past. The PTI government has extended the development journey to backward areas, he held. The CM announced that a province-wise universal health coverage programme will be launched adding that it is being started from Sahiwal and DG Khan in the first phase. Every citizen would be able to enjoy a free treatment from a government or private hospital included in the panel. PM Imran Khan will soon visit Sahiwal and the mega package will be announced, he said. A comprehensive development programme is in the offing for Sahiwal costing 18 billion rupees. THQ hospital Sahiwal will be upgraded, institute of cardiology will be developed and Sahiwal industrial estate will be taken up, he added. THQ hospital Chichawatni will be upgraded as it is not enough for a population of 11 lakh. Trauma centre will also be developed, he added. The CM said that 13 special economic zones have been approved in the province and notification of 7 has been issued which will provide job opportunities. He said Rai Hassan Nawaz and Syed Sumsam Bukhari are good advocates of the area who do not lose the case. Genuine demands have been accepted as you people have always firmly stood with the party. Not a single scandal has surfaced in 2.5 years as the government has performed very honestly and development work is being done for the first time in backward areas, he further said.

Rai Murtaza MNA said that people of Punjab have attached expectations with CM Usman Buzdar and the farmers are happy over the increase in support price of wheat and sugarcane. Provincial minister Sumsam Bukhari said the credit of developing the neglected areas of the past goes to PTI as promotion of agro-based industry in Sahiwal division is important. PTI leader Rai Hassan Nawaz said Chichawatni is the home of CM Usman Buzdar and no one can point a finger at the government as the transparency of the Usman Buzdar government is praiseworthy.— HANDOUT