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CM Buzdar Announces Mega Development Package for Rajanpur

-- Also announces to declare Marri a tourists spot, increase quota in recruitment of boarder military police and setting up a rest house


RAJANPUR– Chief Minister Punjab Sardar Usman Buzdar made a rapid visit to the backward district of southern Punjab Rajanpur and announced a mega development package worth 15 billion rupees for the area. Usman Buzdar met with assembly members, party office bearers and notables of the areas and the media representatives in Canal Rest House, Rajanpur.

Usman Buzdar also visited Panahgah and almonry in Rajanpur. Usman Buzdar also visited farflung area of Rajanpur Marri and announced to award it a status of tourism spot. Usman Buzdar also went to the residence of MPA Sardar Farooq Aman Ullah Dareshak’s residence in Rajanpur and met with the respectable of the area.

Usman Buzdar also met with locals and party workers in the factory of Provincial Minister Livestock Sardar Husnain Bahadur Dareshak in Kot Bahadur. The Chief Minister visited the shrine of Hazrat Khawaja Ghulam Fareed in Kot Mithan and laid a floral wreath.

While talking to the assembly members, office bearers, notables of the area and the media, Usman Buzdar said that he has came Rajanpur with a mega development package under which dozens of development projects in different sectors will be completed at a sum of Rs.15 billion in the next two years. He termed the setting up of Mother and Child Hospital a blessing for the people of Rajanpur district which will be completed at a cost of Rs.8 billion.

Chief Minister also inaugurated and laid a foundation stone of seven different mega development projects which will cost more than one billion rupees. Usman Buzdar announced to establish university for the youth of Rajanpur which will be completed at a rate of 100 crore rupees. Similarly, the development package consists of Girls Degree College Rojhan, trauma centre in DHQ hospital, Rescue 1122 centres in Fazilpur and Kot Mithan as well as upgradation of rural health centres of Dajal and Fazilpur.

He said that sewerage problems of Rajanpur will also be resolved besides installation of tuff tiles in the central bazaars of the city. Construction of dual carriage way road from Jampur to Kashmore at a cost of Rs. 14 billion will prove to be a game changer in the development and progress of the area. He further maintained that this project will be started in April of current fiscal year. He said that a substantial amount has been allocated for the repair and construction and expansion of different important roads of district Rajanpur under which Rs.25 crore will be spent for the construction and expansion of 25 km long road from Indus Highway Dera Gujar to Basti Ayyub and Amin Chowk.

Similarly, Rs.35 crore will be spent for the construction of 20 km long road from Muhammadpur to Dajal, Rs.25 crore for the construction of 30 km long road from Kumbhi to Maripur, Rs.30 crore for the construction 28km long road from Rajanpur to Hajipur, Rs.11 crore for the constructions of 9 km long road from Fazilpur to Sukhaniwala, Rs.20 crore for the construction of 9 km long Rojhan City Road, Rs.54.30 crore for the construction and repair of 23km long road from Dajal to Harand and repair and construction of 20km long road from Sekhaniwala to Kotla Sher Muhammad via Harraiwala will be made at a cost of Rs.28 crore.

Usman Buzdar said that he is determined for making Rajanpur city beautiful and a scheme is being started with a huge amount for its beatification, ten basic healthcare centres and 20 schools will be established besides setting up hospital, university in Rajanpur. Marri of Tribal area will be turned into a Centre of Tourism and a special package of Rs.500 million is being given for this purpose. He said in order to eradicate poverty and unemployment from the area, approximately 600 jobs in different departments of public sector have been given.

More 600 jobs will be given to people of the area. Under universal healthcare program free of cost healthcare facility will be provided to every single citizen. All the families of district Rajanpur will get health cards by June 2021. Promotion of livestock is utmost necessary in Rajanpur. Under PMSP work is being speedily carried out on 90 development projects which will be completed at a cost of Rs.62 crore. He further disclosed that work has been started on four mega schemes under the supervision of Irrigation Department at a cost of Rs. 6.3 billion. Feasibility study of Murunj Dam has been started which will irrigate a large portion of the district.

Capacity building of border military police and police in accordance with the modern demand is being carried out for further improving the law and order situation. Recruitment process on 311 vacant posts in police and 111 in border military police is being started. Scope of Baloch levy is being extended to district Rajanpur. 100 handpumps has been handed over to district administration for ensuring the provision of water to the people of the area. These development projects are the right of people of Rajanpur. The incumbent government will bring Rajanpur at par with the major developed cities of the province. Districts like Rajanpur were deprived from development funds in the past. Now new are of development of prosperity of backward districts will start. Usman Buzdar termed Rajanpur as his second home and said that its development is very near to his heart. The composite development is a objective of PTI government. Development and progress of backward areas of Rajanpur is now in the top priority of the government. 804 development projects is near completion in Rajanpur and these projects will be completed with 20 billion rupees. Development of southern Punjab is the part of PTI manifesto. Southern Punjab Secretariat has been established and now it is being made more vibrant so that people of area will not have to visit Lahore for the redressal of their minor issues. Earlier, Chief Minister inaugurated and laid foundation stone of various development projects in Canal Rest House Rajanpur.

The Chief Minister inaugurated Livestock Services Training Centre Fazilpur which has been completed at a sum of Rs. 8.8 crore. Moreover, Usman Buzdar also inaugurated container clinic for Rukh Azmatwala Jampur, laid a foundation stone of various projects including setting up of 34 veterinary clinics and at a cost of Rs.30 crore, sewerage and drainage scheme at a cost of Rs.40 crore, Cotton Research Sub-Station at a cost of Rs.15 crore, Tehsil Complex Rojhan Project at a cost of Rs.8 crore and laid a foundation stone of General Bus Stand project at cost of Rs.1.6 crore.

Assembly members, party office bearers, notable of the area, delegations including legal fraternity, representatives of Kissan Ittehad, journalist of Rajanpur called on chief minister and apprised from their problems. Usman Buzdar assured them the early redressal of their grievances. Those who called on Chief Minister include Nasrullah Dreshak, Sardar Riaz Mehmod Mizari, Deputy Speaker Punjab Assembly Dost Muhammad Mizari, MPAs Sardar Awais Dreshak, Sardar Ahmed Ali Dreshak, Sardar Ali Raza Dreshak, Sardar Farooq Amanullah Dreshak and other respectable personalities of the area.

CM visits pannahgah, almonry

Punjab Chief Minister Sardar Usman Buzdar today visited the pannahgah and almonries in Rajanpur and reviewed the facilities being provided there. The Chief Minister mingled with the people and ate food. Usman Buzdar shared the meal with a person in a same plate. He also checked the quality of food and inquired the people about the standard of food. The people appreciated the quality of the food being provided to them in almonries. The Chief Minister termed the establishment of pannahgahs the best initiative of the Prime Minister Imran Khan for the destitute people. He directed the concerned authorities to further improve the facilities in the pannahgah and almonries. Scope of pannahgah and almonries are being extended to every district.

Visit to Sardar Farooq Amanullah Dareshak’s residence

The Chief Minister Punjab Sardar Usman Buzdar was warmly welcomed at the residence of Punjab Assembly Member Sardar Farooq Amanullah Dreshak in Rajanpur. The workers showered rose petal and chanted slogans in his favour. The Chief Minister Usman Buzdar also met with the notables of the area. Sardar Farooq Amanullah Dreshak honoured the Chief Minister with Balochi turban and Saraiki Ajrak. Sardar Farooq Amanulah Dreshak said that chief minister’s visit to Rajanpur is a matter of honour for them. He further stated that Chief Ministership of Usman Buzdar is also matter of pride for Rajanpur. Usman Buzdar said that he has a very strong bounding with the people of Rajanpur. Usman Buzdar said that he has came to Rajanpur to give the due right to the people of the area.

Locals, party workers call on Buzdar

Local people and party workers called on Punjab Chief Minister Sardar Usman Buzdar at Provincial Minister for Livestock Sardar Husnain Bahadur Dreshak’s factory in Kot Bahadur. Usman Buzdar listen the problems of the people and issued instruction on the spot for their solutions. Usman Buzdar said that he is very happy to meet his people. Usman Buzdar said that he personally monitored the implementation of development package for the Rajanpur. He assured the completion of schemes of public welfare under his supervision.

Marri visit

Punjab Chief Minister Sardar Usman Buzdar visited the far-flung area of Rajanpur namely Marri. Usman Buzdar was a first CM ever who visited Marri as no chief minister ever visited Marri in the last 73 years. People of Marri were very happy on his arrival. Usman Buzdar announced to declare Marri a tourists spot increased in the quota in recruitment boarder military police and setting up of rest house. He said that four small dams will also be constructed in the area.

He announced to established land record center in Marri as well. He assured that work on water supply scheme in Marri will soon be started. Construction of Khambi to Marri Road will be started on preferential basis as Marri a great potential of tourism. He asserted that tourism will be promoted by further improving the provision of basic amenities in Marri.

The deprivation of Marri will be eradicated. He termed Marri as his own area. He said that under annual development programme work is being carried out on 6 development schemes. Under Koh-e-Suleman Development Authority, Rs. 31 million have been allocated for the Fort Menro Master Plan. He further maintained that 77.13 million rupees have been fixed for the solid waste management, Rs. 436 for the construction of 20km long link road from Fort Menro to Marri, 99 million rupees for the horticulture and beatification of the area, similarly, 288.65 million rupees has been allocated for the construction of link road from National Highway to Fort Menro.

10 roads of the area has been completed whereas 8 roads are under construction. Usman Buzdar directed the concerned authorities to review the construction of underground storage water tank for water supply on the pattern of Lahore. DG Koh-e-Suleman Authority briefed the CM about the progress of various ongoing development schemes of the area. Tribal notables of the area called on CM Punjab Usman Buzdar and welcomed him.

They said that you are son of soil and they are sure that now the destiny of Marri will change. Sardar Husnain Bahadur Dreshak said that Usman Buzdar is the first CM who visited Marri. People of Marri welcome the Punjab Chief Minister by the core of their hearts. Provincial Minister Livestock Sardar Husnain Bahadur Dreshak, Chairman Punjab Land Record Authority Sardar Ahmad Ali Dreshak, Chief Gourchani Tribe Shaiq Haider, Saeed Gourchani, Aktar Gourchani, Additional Chief Secretary South Punjab, Additional IG South Punjab and concerned officials were also present on this occasion.

CM visits Hazrat Khawaja Ghulam Fareed shrine

Chief Minister Punjab Sardar Usman Buzdar visited the shrine of Hazrat Baba Ghulam Fareed in Kot Mithan and laid a flowreath. Usman Buzdar prayed for the peace, progress and prosperity of the country. He also attended the Mehfil-e-Sama. Usman Buzdar said that he had a long awaited desire to visit the Shrine of Hazrat Baba Ghulam Fareed. These personalities promoted the love, affection and brotherhood and their services are a beacon for us.

MNA Jafar Khan Laghari’s residence

Chief Minister Punjab Sardar Usman Buzdar, during his visit to Rajanpur, went to the residence of MNA Sardar Muhammad Jafar Khan Laghari and met with the notables of the area as well as talked with the media as well. Usman Buzdar addressed in Saraiki Language and said that he is very happy to visit Jampur. Development of the deprived and backward areas is the manifesto of PTI government. Southern Punjab secretariat has been established as per promise. 33 percent budget will be spent on the development of Southern Punjab. Facility of health card will be available for every citizen of the province by the end of this year. He further disclosed that work is being carried out on 804 projects in district Rajanpur at the sum of rupees 20 billion. THQ Hospital Jampur will be upgraded by providing cardiac facilities. A sports ground will be set up in Jampur. He said that new districts and tehsils will be formed in the province according to the administrative needs and a committee has been set up in this regard. He acknowledged the demand of awarding Jampur a status of district and said that the same will be reviewed on priority basis. He said that awarding Jampur a status of district is his desire as well. Former MNA Meena Jafar Laghari gave a welcome address and welcomed Usman Buzdar on the behalf of Laghari tribe. She assured their full support to Chief Minister Usman Buzdar. Provincial Minister Irrigation Sardar Mohsin Khan Laghari gave a letter of thanks to Chief Minister.

Buzdar to spend busy day in DG Khan

Chief Minister Punjab Sardar Usman Buzdar will spend a busy day tomorrow on February 7 in DG Khan. The Chief Minister will visit Sakhi Sarwar and participate in MoU signing ceremony in connection with Irrigation Department.

He has also inaugurated Panagah being set up in Sakhi Sarwar. Usman Buzdar will also visit the shrine of Sakhi Sarwar and will lay flowreath. He will also meet with the notables in Sakhi Sarwar.

The Chief Minister will also visit Ronghan, Fort Menaro and Bharti to review the progress of various ongoing development schemes.— HANDOUT