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Chief Justice Khosa Expresses Disappointment Over Rumpus In Parliament


ISLAMABAD– Chief Justice of Pakistan Justice Asif Saeed Khosa on Wednesday showed his disappointment over the continued ruckus in the National Assembly by the treasury and opposition members on the budget speech.

Speaking to the judicial officers of the Islamabad model court, the chief justice said he always felt depressed when he saw the members parliamentarians don’t let Prime Minister Imran Khan and Opposition Leader Shehbaz Sharif speak in the parliament.

“I change the channel to avoid it but then one is disappointed by watching World Cup,” said the chief justice in an obvious reference to Pakistan’s below-par performance in the tournament. The top court’s jurist said that he also feels disappointed over the situation of the economy in the country.

“Some say it is in ICU, others claim that it has come out of it. Irrespective of the fact who is responsible for it we aren’t hearing good news from there as well.”

The chief justice made the claim that judiciary is the only sector which is performing as per the expectations of the people. “It’s the priority of judiciary to provide timely justice. The model courts have given decisions of 5,800 cases in 45 days.”

CJ Khosa said the judiciary is looking into the issue of delay in the provision of justice and false testimonies, adding the Pakistani Supreme Court is one of a kind which initiated online proceedings.