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Britney Spears Heads To Court To Update The Status Behind Her Conservatorship


LAHORE MIRROR (Monitoring Desk)–While many Britney Spears fans have been openly headlining their displeasure of a court ordered conservatorship, it appears the hearing for its update has not been effected.

The issue initially began after a fan’s comment regarding the same went viral, the comment read, “Britney Spears will have a court case on August 19th which will determine if the unnecessary conservatorship is needed or not. Show your support by tweeting FREE BRITNEY. Let’s hope this will be the start of her getting her simple human rights back.” They added, “Britney has always been keen on basic human rights and has always hinted about wanting freedom.”

The fan went on to claim that Britney’s dad was able to get a hold of a conservatorship to control her daughter’s profits by resorting to off-handed methods.

Allegedly, “Britney’s dad claimed that [Britney] had dementia… which allowed him to place her under a conservatorship and control every aspect of her life. yet for some reason she does crazy stunts on tours? is that really how someone supposedly with dementia should live? FRAUDULENT. FREE HER.” (sic)