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Begging Tool: Police Arrest Beggar For Digging Bodies Of Newborns From Graves


LAHORE MIRROR REPORT– Police have arrested a ‘senseless’ and addict beggar from Badami Bagh for digging out a grave of a newborn and then begging in his name.

Police said beggar identified as Ilyas exhumed the dead body of a newborn shortly after he was buried by family in a local graveyard.

The suspects then put the child’s body in front of people and stared begging in his name. Some locals observed the child being carried by the suspect was dead. Witnesses caught him and handed over to the police.

When investigated the dead body was found to be dead son of Shuja Rehman of Badami Bagh.

The baby died after few hours of his birth and was buried in a local graveyard.

Police registered a case against Ilyas and handed over the dead body to the family for reburial.–LAHORE MIRROR