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Arts Council of Karachi Organizes Function To Pay Homage To A renowned Poet Amjad Islam Amjad


By Our Web Reporter

KARACHI– Any kind of engagement could never take me away from poetry. Even when I was writing for TV, I used to write poetry books. We have lost our values ​​by imitating the West. Efforts are being made to maintain the relationship of the next generation with Urdu, said Amjad Islam Amjad, a well-known writer and poet, at a function held in his honor at the Karachi Arts Council. The event was organized at the Karachi Arts Council to pay tribute to him. Talking on the occasion, Amjad Islam Amjad said that our real tragedy is that our children cannot even write their name in Urdu. The children are being taught that development can be done only in English language.

He added that Unfortunately, our film industry has never been given the status of an industry. Amjad Islam Amjad added four moons to the event by reciting his famous lyrics and poems. As people are a beacon of light, they irrigate us whenever they come. It is the duty of all of us to welcome such literary personalities and to encourage them. It has been the tradition of the Arts Council to organize events to pay homage to such personalities. Arts Council President Muhammad Ahmad Shah added that it is fortunate that Amjad Islam Amjad came to our invitation. The event was attended by renowned artists Munawar Saeed, Talat Hussain, renowned author Hasina Moin and other celebrities.