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Annual Performance: PFA Seals 9,221 Food Points in 2020


LAHORE– The Punjab Food Authority (PFA) had sealed 9,221 food points as per its annual performance report released today.  As per report 423,323 food points have been checked in 2020 out 9,221 food points were sealed.

 Director General Rafaqat Ali Nissoana said that 2,082 food businesses were imposed Emergency Prohibition Order (EPO). 10,350 samples had been collected for screening from different food products.

He further said that 35,618 food points have been imposed fined over violation of hygiene standards and non-compliance of SOPs. Cases have been registered against 380 Food Business Operators over adulteration mafia and counterfeiters.

10,481acres agricultural land had been checked whereas 590acres acres vegetables were ploughed over growing vegetables with sewerage water.

Furthermore he said that 3,520,684litres adulterated milk had been flushed in 2020 while 118,786kg blended spices were discarded by previous year.  While carrying out operations, 242,982 people were also informed about the precautionary measures to be taken against COVID-19.

He added that new laws for food regulation will be introduced to meet international standards this New Year. For the eradication of adulteration and counterfeit mafia, more strict actions and punishments would be introduced. All efforts are being made to make Healthy Punjab as per vision of Government Punjab.— HANDOUT