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All Pakistan Civil Servants Demand Provincial Posts Back


LAHORE– The All Pakistan Civil Services Association announced here on Tuesday to launch “Justice and Good Governance” campaign, with a pledge to intensify its efforts to take back sanctioned provincial posts currently occupied by other services.

The office bearers and members of the Association met at a local hotel and announced the resolution to intensify struggle to take back provincial positions. The Association said that all options including legal options will be availed to seek justice.


Movement for “Constitutional Civil Administration”

1. This convention hereby unanimously launch an all Pakistan Movement, “Justice and Good Governance”, with its separate provincial chapters

2. This convention hereby unanimously approve the following Steps of the Movement to be taken synergistically.
1) Awareness correspondence (All encompassing)
2) Administrative Engagements ( All encompassing)
3) Legal Notices to Secretary Establishment Division and the Cheif Secretariat of the Provinces.
4) Legal Notices to All officers of PAS posted on Provincial Posts with respect to their recruitment, trainings, appointments, and their placements.
5) Legal Notices to All Authorities responsible for the recruitments, trainings, appointments, placement, promotions and retirements of the officers of Pakistan Administrative Services.
6) Courting the law in Provincial High Courts.

Immediate Constitutional Redressal

1. All Rules of Provincial Civil Services be declared void to the extent of their derogation with the Constitution and Laws of the Provinces in Obedience to Articles-5(1)(2),(8),
2. Recruitments of the officers of Pakistan Administrative Service be stopped with immediate effect in Obedience to Articles- 5(1)(2), 8, 121(b), 242(1)(B1)
3. Any reforms in Civil Services of Pakistan be undertaken under Constitutional mandate of Articles-5(1)(2),8, 141, 142(a)(b), 240(a)(b), 242(1)(A1)(B1).
4. 1853 Provincial Posts kept vacant in derogation to Constitution and Law may be surrendered to the Provinces with immediate effect.

Gradual Constitutional Redressal

1. In the first instant Limit the officers of Pakistan Administrative Service to 321 Provincial Posts as envisaged in the illegal CSP rules 1964.
2. In the first instant Recruite, appoint, post , promote and retire the officers of PMS of the Provincial Posts on the left over posts.
3. In the Second Instant the Secretary Establishment Division to withdraw all officers of Pakistan Administrative Service from all the Provincial Positions in Obedience to Article-5(1)(2), 8, 141, 142(a)(c), 340(a)(b) for adjusting them for their further promotions, placement, and retirements as per constitution and law
4. In the 3rd instant, the Concerned political executive to order enquiry into the Fraud carried so far in running the civil Administration of the Provinces through deception and deceit.