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All Men Die-Only a Few Ever Live: Pakistan Will Not Recognize Israel Without Justice to Helpless Palestinians


Dr Shakir Ahmad Shahid

Words of Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu “Who would have ever dreamed there would be a peace agreement with an Arab country without our returning to the 1967 borders?” remind another satirical sentence uttered in Indo-Pak context “But at last this secret has dawned to the whole world………Concern for honor has departed from Taimur’s household.” (Allama Muhammad Iqbal).

It seems that concern for honor has dissipated from lands which were once an epitome of Muslim honor. However one voice sounded like an Azaan in a barren desert and that was “Whatever any country does, our position is very clear. And our position was made clear by Quaid-e-Azam Muhammad Ali Jinnah……in 1948: that we cannot ever accept Israel as long as Palestinians are not given their rights and there is no just settlement” (Prime Minister of Islamic Republic of Pakistan).

People would keep coming on this global earth, and people would keep going with a never come back but history shall remember the words uttered by the Prime Minister of Pakistan in response to a recent deal in the Middle East. Once again Pakistan proved that this nation of 22 Crore people has moral and valor standards far superior than many champions of human rights and the brotherhood.

Science is yet to devise an arithmetic formula which may calculate the total capital of a nation. Capitalism has defined capital in a narrow sense by attaching a price tag with everything thus turning everything into commodity. To further facilitate flow of such tagged commodities Capitalism has simultaneously engineered a social system working under powerful gradients where everything gets drifted to markets for sale.


Actually this is the capitalistic philosophy which finally led a Muslim country to attach a price tag with buckets of blood drained out of Palestinian bodies. Universal values of justice, empathy and standing for the oppressed were thrown into the dustbin, and for sake of money and legitimacy a regime was recognized who is perpetrator of war crimes against innocent humans and violator of international humanitarian law.

Selling the soul and blood of brothers for the sake of self interests is really worth regretting. Certainly there were other ways available to safeguard own interests but this going to join hands with a country who openly commits crimes against humanity is a blot on human consciousness. This act of alliance at the expense of poor Palestinians would even take out remaining grains of legitimacy from such regimes. Legitimacy comes from the combo of character, vision, sincerity, competence, valor, benevolence and contribution.

Wealth of a nation is not decided by financial parameters alone but other types of capitals like human, social, moral, intellectual, natural, produced, created, earned, and environmental also count as critical. A proportionate mix of all these capitals is essential for sustainability of a nation, society and person as a stable and normal entity. No society can long last just on the base of financial capital. Actually this is the holistic sum of all capitals which makes Pakistan to stand in face of all storms where many filthy rich fall on knees.

Pakistan is not against any ethnicity or country but only standing on principles of justice for oppressed. Jewish race has faced many worst times in history and consequently have got programmed with feelings of perpetual insecurity. However this insecurity syndrome should not warrant them to spill blood of innocent Palestinians. And finally it should be remembered that demons of cruelty let loose during the day come back home in the evening.

On strategic landscape Pakistan should reanalyze the sharpening divisions in the Gulf and around. The Military-Industrial complex has unfolded a new agenda for the Middle East and the Gulf States are realigning their positions. This negentropic complex, which actually controls the governments, requires enemies for its perpetuation. Hence as a justification strategy this complex creates, nurtures, and portrays different kinds of enemies for different clients, and then starts duels with its own babies.

Pakistan needs to reassess its relevance in changed circumstances of the Middle East. More importantly, Pakistan, being a literal embodiment of Islamic spirit, must not allow any country to advance her agenda by manipulating the emotions of Pakistani nation. Pakistan should remain especially watchful about Muslim countries who are driven by their ethno-historical baggage, and whose actions also gave an indirect push for this deal.

Shakir A Shahid

Dr Shakir Ahmad Shahid, Ph.D, PSP, is a Postdoct Fulbright Alumnus in Forensic Science and Criminology, who has served in various fields like Policing, Investigation, Intelligence and Counter-Terrorism on policy and operational levels as a Senior Police Officer and Director (counter terrorism). He has also worked in fields of Education, Investment and Rural Development as a civil servant, and in the field of Agriculture as a farmer. Dr. Shahid holds the degree of Doctor of Philosophy in Chemistry with research publications in fields of bio-materials, bio-energy, polymers and forensic spectroscopy. He also holds the degrees of Master in Psychology, M.Sc Chemistry, L.L.B, and B.Sc (Biology), along with qualifications in fields of crime management, police command, public administration, international law, history, forestry, and agriculture. In addition to being PhD Research Scholar in Criminology he is a passionate researcher in theoretics of complex systems, energy evolution, negentropes, information, cyborgology, socionics, sustainability, human behavior, history, national narrative, social re-engineering,  policing, intelligence, governance, national security, electro-magnetic spectrum, and forensic evidence. He can be reached at drsashahid@gmail.com