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After KP Punjab Mulls Imposing ‘Micro Smart Lockdown’ to Prevent Corona


LAHORE– The Punjab government has decided to impose a “micro smart lockdown” to prevent the spread of coronavirus in the province, a spokesperson for the provincial health department said Saturday.

Punjab is likely to follow Khyber Pakhthunkhawa where micro smart lockdown is being implemented.

The development came as the number of coronavirus cases in Pakistan exceeded 292,000. Punjab has so far reported more than 96,000 confirmed cases of the virus.

The government has prepared standard operating procedures for the micro smart lockdown, according to the spokesperson.

Under these SOPs, only the shop or house with a coronavirus patient would be locked down. The whole area or the shopping mall would not have to be sealed.

The person affected by the virus would be quarantined at their home for 14 days, the spokesperson said.

A notification regarding the micro smart lockdown in the province is likely to be issued tonight.