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Additional IG South Punjab Gets More Autonomy to Run Three Police Regions

-- Standing Order details powers related to operational, investigative, administrative and financial matters


LAHORE– Inspector General of Punjab Police Inam Ghani has said under the vision of Punjab government, Additional IG South Punjab is being empowered and strengthened to provide possible relief to the citizens of South Punjab and solve problems at their doorsteps through effective policing so that police setup may be strengthened by handling administrative, financial and operational matters in a better way for provision of real relief to the people under smart and community policing. 

He further said that a new standing order has been issued regarding the powers and duties of Additional IG South Punjab under which he has been given full powers of transfer posting of executive, ministerial and other staff including SP, DSP and Inspector up to grade 18. 

At the same time, in matters relating to service and discipline, the executive and ministerial staff up to grade 17, he will be fully empowered to decide on penalties and  appeals for penalties so that he may  serve the people of three regions and eleven districts of South Punjab diligently and freely. 

He further said that in order to provide relief to the people, all the powers of supervision of investigation related matters have been vested in the Additional IG, including the significant power to approve the change of investigation for the third time. Whereas Performance Evaluation Reports (PERs) of Regional Police Officers, DIGs and SSPs will be written under his  direct command and approve pension cases for executive and ministerial staff up to grade 17.

The Standing Order further states that the duties and powers of the Additional IG South Punjab include full details of operational, investigation, administrative and financial matters so that he can perform his duties without any pressure and with complete independence for executing the vision of the government.

According to the standing order, Additional IG South Punjab will maintain public order in the districts of Dera Ghazi Khan, Bahawalpur and Multan region, crime prevention, public safety, police operations, investigation, traffic, police among other duties and will also oversee the duties listed in Articles 3 and 4 of the Police Order 2002.

Similarly, Additional IG South Punjab will have all the powers of the Provincial Police Chief to oversee all matters relating to investigations, Standing Orders issued in connection with investigations, and under Articles 18 and 18A of the Police Order 2002 which includes approving the change of investigation for the third time.

Additional IG  South Punjab will be authorized to transfer posting  of executives, ministerial and other staff including SPs, DSPs and inspectors up to Grade 18, while administrative powers regarding service and discipline related matters such as appeals of executive and ministerial staff up to Grade 17 shall also be exercised by him.  ACRs of Regional Police Officers, DIGs and SSPs will be written under his direct command while countersigns will also be signed by him on ACRs of City Police Officer, DPO and other officer. Likewise executive officers of   17 to 19 grades and Ministerial Staff up to Grade 17, he will exercise the powers of Second Counter Signing Officer in their ACRs.

 According to the standing order, Additional IG South Punjab will exercise the powers of the controlling officer of the new Functional Head “LQ-South Punjab” starting from July 1, 2021 for three Police Regions and 11 Districts of South Punjab.  “LQ-4126-SUPERINTENDENCE “Under the Functional Head, he is also in charge of financial affairs. He will also oversee all financial affairs of police regions, districts and other offices. Approval of pension cases executive and ministerial staff upto the grade of 17 shall also be given by him. Approval of Medical Expenditure Bills and upto to 5 lac and TADA Bills shall also be given by him.

Moreover, assistance to CTD and other provincial agencies in operations, inquiries and investigative matters and keep the IG Punjab informed in this regard. He will also review progress and plan new projects and programs for the future and also prepare budgets on demand of funds from RPOs and DPOs. He will also oversee logistics, financial and human resources and their optimal utilization.

The Standing Order further directed that Additional IG South Punjab would conduct timely formal and informal inspections for checking the instructions issued in police stations, police lines, offices and other police offices and oversee ongoing programs for welfare of force and training matters. He will also oversee the Public Complaints Management System for timely redressal of public grievances and also ensure implementation of instructions, policies and SOPs issued by the Central Police Office.

Addl IG South Punjab will keep IG Punjab informed about the performance, integrity and quality of public service delivery of DSP or other senior officers. He will also keep coordination with other departments and police units of the Central Police Office. He will also use DDO powers when required. The IG Punjab, while issuing the Standing Order, further emphasized that all the instructions and orders contained in the Standing Orders should be complied with.– PRESS RELEASE