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Adam Robert Hartnell Performs Preview Show at NCA


LAHORE– National College of Arts In-Residence programme is designed to support and enhance the artistic and educational environment within the college.

During their residency, professional working artists and scholars are provided studio space to carry out their own practice. The residency program has been a conduit for artists to engage in global art discourse.

This year the residency was awarded to Adam Robert Hartnell at the National College of Arts for autumn 2019. He belongs to England and it was his first visit to NCA.

During his stay at NCA,  Adam worked extensively at the NCA’s printmaking and textile studios to produce a comprehensive body of work that went for the preview on December 2nd, 2019 at the Zahoor ul Akhlaq Gallery, NCA.

His work brought together multiple techniques such as woodblock printing and silk screen printing to produce overarching themes of transience associated with the cycle of life.

Life and death are mutually correlated and its inevitability has appealed many artists throughout the years. Adam’s works also convey these ubiquitous concerns by the use of recurring symbols and motifs.— LAHORE MIRROR